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With AWS cloud infrastructure managed services; you get several advantages like reliability and adaptability which makes us the favored choice for many organizations. Whether you are having a single server or multi server we are more than happy to manage your load.

Most businesses find it difficult to migrate to a cloud. But that's not a matter of concern anymore because at Cloud Host World we provide free end to end migration support. We assist you through the whole process of your AWS server setup. In case of AWS consultation and assistance you can totally count on us; we make sure that you get a strong platform for your AWS server alongside strict compliance with rigorous security.

Magento on AWS - Cost Effective Solutions !!!

Great For :


Control Panel
MGT Control Panel
Number Of Domain : 1
AWS Graviton 2 New
High Performance Stack
Free Migration
Hourly Backup
Setup Free $ 0.00
Monthly Price $ 00.00
Final Monthly Price
AWS Price =$ 00.00
Great For :


Control Panel
MGT Control Panel
Web Application Firewall
- 1 X Web Server
-1 X Database Server(RDS)
Setup Free $ 0.00
Monthly Price $ 00.00
Final Monthly Price
AWS Price =$ 00.00

Dynamize Your Cloud Journey with Managed AWS

The Performance and reliability of a website play a key role in any venture’s success. Our Magento specialized AWS Certified crew are equipped with our personalized software solutions, they take unique care of your servers to let your online business reach absolute potential.


High Performance

We exceed in overall performance like no other. You'll see a massive advancement in your web page loading times.


Enterprise Cloud

We provide optimized enterprise solution for managed magento website hosting on AWS featuring special software solutions.


Efficient Migration Support

Our highly skilled magento experts offers free, seamless migration support resulting in better website performance and UI.

encrypted storage


Security is our prime priority. We use brand new technologies to hold your data safe. and strong defense machanism

backup and restore

Fully Managed

You can cognizance in your business while we manage your server's overall performance, security, and updates.


Dedicated Support

Our Magento specialized AWS Certified engineers are always there to assist you around the clock with 15 min response time.

Better SEO


Optimization and Growth

To grab the cutting-edge AWS services, we enhance your
AWS server with performance, and security.

Cost Optimization

Using advanced caching technology, your AWS is optimized and
enhanced to deliver better performance as your need expands.

More Sales

In spite of worrying about managing your AWS platform let your
team perform on what they are best at- making profits.


All the server-related tasks like updates, patching, etc.
required for AWS management are going to be done by our team.


The main purpose in moving to the cloud is to reduced cost.
Thus, your AWS is going to be analyzed regularly to reduce the cost of your AWS.


Our sturdy combination of proficient AWS experts and tools used
for management helps to safeguard your server and the data stored thereon.


Based on your business needs our AWS certified experts
will build solution architects for your AWS environment.

Dynamize Your Cloud Journey with Managed AWS

The Performance and reliability of a website play a key role in any venture’s success. Our Magento specialized AWS Certified crew are equipped with our personalized software solutions, they take unique care of your servers to let your online business reach absolute potential.

Supercharge your Magento with Varnish

Varnish Cache is nothing but a program that boosts the speed of your loading websites at the same time reduces the load on the web server, it is also known as a HTTP booster or a reverse HTTP proxy that will remarkably boost your overall performance. Varnish quickens your Magento Store via keeping a copy of the web page in ram the first time a client visits that web page. This indicates that you may take care of a lot of extra site visitors and your Magento Store's overall performance and scalability.E-commerce stores a speedy and unbelievable user experience in their retail and marketing conditions. Ensuring regulation and overall performance needed for which you continuously look after your Magento Shop.


Better Search Ranking

High performance is a pivotal aspect in SEO and could boom your presence. The quicker your website is, the higher it ranks in SERP.

Blazing Fast Page Loads

Our lightning-fast loading speed increases client engagement and which in turn increases conversion to generate sales.

Specialized Experience

Our customers can take advantage from our several years’ professional expertise and assistance that come along.

Productive Solution

We offer a fully managed Varnish Cache solution with our customized Magento package along with professional’s assistance.

Reduced Infrastructure Cost

Varnish Cache doesn’t increase your page loading time; it relieves your server. This can save as much as 80% of your infrastructure costs.

Improved User Experience

Clients don’t love the websites that takes ages to load. Improved web page speed will make your clients feel pleasant for your Magento Store.

What is Varnish Cache Cluster? How it Works?

A varnish cluster is a set of varnish nodes, each in a distinct geo- location, in front of the same Magento backend. The Varnish Cache Cluster, including as many nodes in the AWS Regions as you could choose, is used to gain the best feasible performance. Our advanced Varnish Cache Module for Magento controls every node.

Way of Work

By DNS geo-routing, the client is redirected to the nearest Varnish node to receive and process the request. If a cached Version of the web page is in the cache, it’s conveyed directly. In case there ceases to be a cache model in the Varnish node, the request is navigated to the origin server of the site. All management of the Varnish nodes, as an instance cache lifetime or excluded routes, is controlled through the Varnish Cache Module.

360 Degree Solution

We provide end to end solution for you so you can concentrate on your business. We install, configure and begin the Varnish nodes for you.

Monitoring, Patching and Backup

The Varnish nodes need regular updates to attain maximum feasible security. Daily Backups shields the structures to be accessible inside mins in case of emergency.

Highest Performance across the Globe

If you need to reach out for a global audience, your shop has to be suitable for it. With the Varnish Cache Cluster your store could be lightning fast in all geo-locations.

Savings in Infrastructure

You get all advantages of Varnish Cache, made geographically to be present in specific areas with the cluster. Hence, saving infrastructure costs, enhanced consumer delight and SEO, and better conversion ability are made feasible across the globe.

Trusted Experts

With Cloud Host World, you can get professional assistance from a Certified Varnish Partner. We have accumulated years of experience with hosting and skilled specialists equipped for you.

Code Deploy - Zero Downtime Deployment
Introducing our Zero downtime deployment solution for Magento on AWS.
Code Deploy is Auto Scaling-equipped and helps a multiple environments and customers.

Built for Magento

We focus on constructing the best feasible solution for Magento hosted on AWS, to create an easy deployment scenario for our clients. Our included functions are designed in specifically for Magento packages and make deployment simpler and quicker than ever before.

Zero Downtime

Avoid downtime with Code Deploy. By switching the release with a symlink, you may effortlessly initiate "in-place" deployment.

Automated Deployments

Code Deploy completely automates your Magento deployments throughout your development, test, and manufacturing environments. Code Deploy scales together along with your infrastructure so you can set up to at least one example or thousands.

Blazingly Fast

We evolved Code Deploy with maximum overall performance in mind. High overall performance is attained via jogging parallel tasks with a message queue working in the background.

Centralized control

Launch and keep an eye of your Magento deployments via the Code Deploy interface. New admin’s and customers may be effortlessly added and all modifications are documented.

Code Deploy - Features

Code Deploy is a Zero downtime deployment solution for Magento on AWS. Explore all features, in order to make it less difficult in order to swiftly launch new features, with maximum uptime.

During the software deployment, and dealing with the complexity of updating your applications, without the numerous risks related to error-inclined manual deployments.

Zero Downtime Deployment

Code Deploy has zero downtime and allows the deployment of a couple of AWS times simultaneously. “In-place" deployment is made viable thru switching the discharge with a symlink.

High Performance

Striving for max performance, we designed Code Deploy to apply a message queue for parallel strolling tasks. With this current technology, your deployment will attain stand-out speed..

Centralized Control

You can release and monitor the progress of your Magento deployments thru the Code Deploy interface.

User Management

Multiple customers may be created and managed with the help of using the administrator, who can also assign environments, permitting a person to set up them. This permits a steady process in your team.

GIT Support

Code Deploy is like minded with all Git repositories. You can use private GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab on your own Git repository.

Fully Managed

Code Deploy might be shipped as a totally controlled deployment solution. Trust our specialized DevOps that will help you with any questions you can have.

Code Deploy – Mode of Work

1. To start a deployment, log in to the Code Deploy interface where the environment to deploy can be selected on the top right corner.

2. Next, navigate to "Deployments" and click on the button "New Deployment" where your git username and password need to be entered. In addition, select a branch or tag to deploy. At the end of the form, "After Deployment Commands" can be selected, which will be executed after the deployment is completed.

3. Afterwards, the Code Deploy software starts building the deployment package. The building process of the deployment package consists of the following steps: 1) Cloning the git repository 2) Validating the git repository 3) Executing defined "After Clone Commands" like setup:di:compile and setup:static-content:deploy for Magento 2

4. After building the deployment package, Code Deploy ships the deployment package to each instance and waits until all instances are ready.

5. Finally, all instances get the latest version by switching a symlink. After switching the symlink, we execute the defined "After Switch Commands", for example reloading PHP-FPM.

6. In the last step, your selected "After Deployment Commands" are executed. For example, these could be commands such as "Clear Magento Cache" or "Purge Varnish Cache".

High Performance Stack












General Frequently asked questions

Magento is an open-supply eCommerce platform, this means that it's free to use. But you need a web hosting to install the platform.

You can use any web hosting you like, however as effective and heavy Magento is, it needs a dependable website hosting. That's wherein AWS can help.

It means aligning the first-class eCommerce Platform with the best-class cloud website hosting inside the World to provide the eCommerce store keep strong support.

This is a lengthy process, and you could find many courses on Google.

However, tuning and customizing the AWS to suit the necessities of the shop is some other task.

CloudHostWorld has revel in of 10 years and a crew of AWS professionals that could install the first-class AWS infrastructure for your Magento keep.

This way, you may keep the cost and additionally get the best possible output from AWS.

You simply have to pay for the AWS plan, which is best fit for your business.

If you get the provider from the CloudHostWorld, we are able to examine the store first. We will provide you with the quotes after calculating all of the costs.

In it, the fee of the AWS will range because it relies upon at the sources utilized by the shop.

There are many benefits of the use of AWS web website hosting for Magento store.

Flexibility: AWS allows you to boost or decrease the memory, power, or servers, so the web sites could no way cross down.

Performance: Speed and performance offered through the AWS are fantastic. AWS reduces the app deployment time drastically.

Pricing: You just need to pay for what you're using.

Security: The robust protection of AWS starts from the stable structure of the Amazon datacenter and results in high-end firewalls.

What assistance do I get? You get committed assist without a constraint on timing. We make sure a 15-minute reaction time from our support crew that is to be available 24/7/365.


Support Frequently asked questions

Yes, NGINX assist is a part of all our Managed Plans.
We are pushed by the willingness to offer our clients with dedicated assistance. We work each day as tough as possible to live the professional accomplice in Magento cloud web website hosting for our customers. Every pressing problem will be solved with first high priority; all low-severity problems will wait in a queue. When you raise a ticket, you’re capable to pick the priority among low and high. At CloudHostWorld, you get instantaneously assistance for critical issues and our dedicated well timed assistance for various problems.
Yes, Support tickets are the best effective method to clear up web hosting problems, that's the purpose why we offer chat support.
Our average response time is just 10-15 minutes. When you open up a new ticket, the subsequent department engineer will examine it and reply back to you. Response method: - Request for issue related information - The problem has been resolved - An update on the status of the issue.
Yes we do! We have a skilled support team of system engineers to make sure technical support around the clock and 12 months together with all major holidays. We are always there to help.
Troubleshooting website hosting regarding problems may be irritating. But there’s a difference among being pissed off and being abusive. Harassment, threats, or something that a reasonable person would consider undisciplined won’t be tolerated.
CloudHostWorld managed web hosting consists of loads of preventive features and server hardening as an ongoing process. We take server protection seriously. Let us cope with the protection of your server, and you could concentrate on rest of the vital tasks.

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